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Welcome. Here is where we will post any cancellations or changes (or mistakes) that we are notified of after the current month’s issue of Entertainment News NW (ENNW) has gone to print.

We hope this will be of service to our readers.


The ad for Gallery Pegasus was inadvertently omitted from the printed version of the August issue of ENNW. (It has been corrected on the online version). We sincerely regret the error. The information for the show is listed below and we encourage you stop by and take a look.

SURREAL AND WHIMSY Group Art Exhibition through August 30th at Gallery Pegasus, 301 W. Holly St., #M6, Bellingham.
The program time on the following eclipse program was incorrect. It should read 7:30-9:30 PM.

The Universe & An All American Total Solar Eclipse: Explore the universe from the very small to the very large as a virtual journey throughout the cosmos through exciting images and video segments with astronomer Kevin Manning. Delve into the mysteries of eclipses and other similar celestial events in the universe. Following this indoor formal presentation, the group will go outdoors to view celestial objects in the night sky, such as the ice crystal rings of Saturn and craters on the moon, through a powerful hand-crafted telescope, weather permitting. Wednesday, August 9, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Lynden Library, 216 4th Street, (360) 354-4883.

The location on the following Pesto prgram was incorrect. It takes place at the Lynden Library, not the Deming Library.

Pesto Perfecto: Looking for a way to use up all the herbs in your summer garden? Cindy McKinney demonstrates a variety of pestos for you to sample. “We’ll be making a classic basil pesto with hazelnuts; a sun-dried tomato pesto layered into a make ahead cheese and Feta appetizer; quesadillas with a cilantro/jalapeƱo/walnut pesto; and a pasta salad with parsley pecan pesto. Plus learn lots of ideas for using your pesto. Space is limited, registration required. Friday, August 11, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Lynden Library, 216 4th Street, (360) 354-4883.