Half of “Cody Rivers” plays at the Sylvia Center

It’s not often that Mike Mathieu, originator of The Cody Rivers Show, which originated at Bellingham’s iDiOM Theater, plays onstage in Bellingham. But Western Washington University’s Rich Brown gave him a call, and lucky for us, Mike said yes to doing a staged reading of Annie Baker’s “The Flick,” a winner of the 2013 Obie Award for Playwriting, and the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for drama. Now listen up! I just returned from this production, and the audience was transformed laughter, to awe, to silence and to quiet moments of reflection. There is only one more show, and it’s Saturday, Jan. 20, at the Sylvia Center for the Arts, 205 Prospect St. (walk down the alleyway next to the Syre Center). Joining Mike is Freddy Collins, Lauren Senechal, and William Ciskowski. This is a staged production; Rich, the director, calls out the stage directions, and the actors, sitting on stools, read their lines. It’s most effective with the pauses, the timing and their incredible facial expressions. And it’s only $5!!!!!!