David Syre Shows His Creative Side

For many people in Whatcom County, David Syre is best-known for his career as a real estate developer and businessman, with projects that include Semiahmoo Resort and Bellis Fair Mall.
Syre also donated land that became the core of Whatcom Community College’s campus, where Syre Center bears his name.
But in 2012, his twin daughters gave him sketchbooks, which launched him in a discovery of creativity.
“Since I started making art,” Syre says, “I felt strong artistic energy of love, compassion, and forgiveness, the values that direct my subconscious mind and inspire my work. I feel honored that galleries in Nice, France; Santa Fe, NM; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, recognized the artistic value of my work and with that success in my pocket I felt that I was able and ready to show my art in my hometown.”
Indeed, Syre has had solo exhibitions around the world, but this week he shows his work to a local audience. Syre opens his exhibit, called “David Syre: Roots and Wings,” with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 3, at  465 W Stuart Road.
Who inspired him on his artistic journey?
Initially, he says, his grade school teachers, but at that time he wasn’t really allowed to pursue any artistic career. More recently, many family members and friends including, but not limited to, his twin daughters Amy and Mia, my partner Becci, and Madi from Burning Man encouraged him “to fully commit to my inner artistic voice and to create artwork on a daily basis.”
“My continuous research for spirituality and core values such as love, compassion, and forgiveness inspire my practice and mark my journey.”
One project that he’s most proud of is “The Peace Trail,” which he says is a monumental project of land art located in Tierra del Fuego, at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent.
“The trail, with public access, will join two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, and it will offer every visitor to undertake a long hike marked by spiritual intentions. Natural beauty combined to art installations will invite to experience and share transcendental experiences.”
The opening is anticipated for December 2020.
What brings him joy when he creates?
“A constant flow of magical and creative surprises,” he says.
“I draw and paint incessantly, be it in my studio, during my many journeys, in public spaces or at home. Every time, new topics and new intuitions arise.”
Ana Palacio curated the current exhibit, and a catalog of his work will be available at the show, with an essay by one of his twin daughters, Amy Syre Healy.
For more about his work, go to http://davidsyreart.com/.
To watch an interview with him for an opening at the Ellsworth gallery in Sante Fe, which includes his talking about his early childhood and his life-changing bout with polio, Google “David Syre, Soul Maps: The Journey Evolves.”
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