Hiker Extraordinaire

Heather “Anish” Anderson has been to Bellingham several times to talk about her years of hiking around the country, and although she’s not coming in person this fall, Whatcom County Library System is hosting five events with her the first week in October in their live Read and Share events via Zoom video.
Here’s Anish’s personal invitation, in support of her recently published book, “Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home.”
Here are some of her insights from the book that struck me.
“Hiking was my reality.”
“I learned to stop letting fear stop me.”
“My heart was wedded to the mountain.”
“Only my mind could stop me now.”
“I had been a (hiking) machine before, and now I was more primal, a lioness.”
Probably one of the most important lessons from her book is this: “The aspects of mindfulness and choosing my own path have been part of every long distance hike I’ve ever done.”
Bellingham hikers have shared some of their thoughts about Anish with me.
Premila Tracey Pickett says “Anish inspires me to hike. She made National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, walking 8,000 miles in less than a year! It goes to show, we as women can do what we  make up our minds to do! With great support we conquer mountains and miles. I love her quiet ways of staying out of the media spotlight and her humble attitude.”
Lori Jo Erlichman says “From the first picture I saw of Anish in her little dress hiking the Pacific Crest Trail trying to get a ‘fastest known time record,’ I was amazed and inspired. She’s so kindly responded to my messages congratulating her the day after her finish. It always amazed me that a woman of such renown would personally respond to my messages. Until you have hiked your own longest day (mine is 20 miles) you just can’t begin to imagine the strength, grit and determination of Anish. She’s my hero.”
For more information on Anish, go to https://anishhikes.wordpress.com/.
For more on Whatcom County Library System’s Read and Share events, go to For more information, go to https://www.wcls.org/readandshare/