Rob Lopresti – When Women Didn’t Count

A Best Bet from Margaret

As a reference and teaching librarian at Whatcom Community College, I frequently took students in my research class to Western Washington University’s library to give them a flavor of what a university library is like, and to let our students know about how they can access WWU’s vast resources. One of our favorite stops was with Rob Lopresti in the government documents section. (Rob is librarian for environmental sciences, environmental studies, Canadian-American studies, and maps as well). Gov docs may sound dull, but when Rob says “How can you find out who owns the copyright to a song by John Denver?” or “How many acres of raspberries are grown in Whatcom County?” and then says the answers can be found “right here,” students are impressed.

That’s why I’m anxious to read Rob’s recently published book, “When Women Didn’t Count,” which he’ll discuss at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 9, at Village Books.

He told me several months ago about his research on the book, and it sounds both fascinating and timely.

For more information, here’s the press release from WWU.