Vox Pacifica Connects Music with Empowerment

There’s something uplifting and soothing about an all-women’s choir. Alright, yes, same for an all-male choir that stirs my soul.
But the 20-plus members of Vox Pacifica are so tightly entwined with each other that they sing with one voice that soars.
When I attended a rehearsal last month, they were perfecting their performance in time for their concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 11, at the First Congregational Church of Bellingham, 2401 Cornwall Ave.
“Our Stories Go On: A Mother’s Day Celebration” can be appreciated by everyone, and includes many songs that are not well-known, such as “Music in My Mother’s House” and “Water Women,” as well as songs based on poems by May Sarton and Margaret Walker, plus timely songs like “Malala” and “Ain’t I A Women,” inspired by Sojourner Truth.
Writing utensils in hand, the women mark their scores with notes about when to take a breath, and when to use their “big” voices.
This is because they listen intently to their director Wendy Bloom, who stops them every couple of measures to say “make sure that C really gets in place!” and “practice those luscious sounds with your opera voices,” and compliments them by saying “the sound that you are developing is quite glamorous!”
Wendy  (who has a great, hearty laugh) sometimes works them in sectionals, since she know that for any good choir, working as individual groups is paramount to produce the exquisite sounds she’s after — “hearing one another, listening to one another, in order to blend together harmonically, rather than noisily,” she says.
The mission of this concert is to “honor and acknowledge the strength and selflessness of women who came before us — mothers, warriors, heroines, and leaders — who inspire us and make our roots strong.”
For more on the choir and to reserve tickets ($15 general, $10 students) go to voxpacifica.org. Be aware that their previous concerts sold out!