Yarn, yarn and more yarn (not a tall tale)

Years ago, the neighbors where I live on South Hill noticed a strange phenomenon. A woman was sitting on a bench, knitting, hour upon hour, day after day, and her knitted rope was strung across the street, going down to Taylor Avenue dock and the water. That person was artist Christen Mattix, and she shares her memoir “Skein: The Heartbreaks and Triumphs of a Long Distance Knitter” at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 17 at Village Books, 1200 11th St. The book’s about how her daily knitting practice attracted the attention and chats with her neighbors and others who happened upon her when she knitted the half-mile rope to Bellingham Bay. Disclaimer:  After her three-year project was complete, I was part of the celebration the day the South Hill neighbors and her friends unraveled the rope down to Taylor Dock and let it loose in the bay. She says “Skein” is an intimate glimpse into her psyche (she admits she’s really a little shy) and a sparkling account of a neighborhood with its joys and sorrows. And today, Nov. 16, she turns 40!! More on her at christenmattix.com.